When we travel, we love staying in unique Airbnband cabin rentals on Oregon coast. Airbnbs offer the comfort of home away from home where we have space, can cook and even do laundry so we can pack lighter. We especially love this option when we travel with our kids or family as it offers more convenience. And let’s be honest- renting a cool, unique Airbnb can be part of the fun and an adventure in all its own during travel.

Oceanside Beach-which was only a minute from our wonderful beach house Airbnb, Vitamin Sea Bohemian Beach House.

That being said, the Pacific Northwest is not short on unique, fun places to stay with beautiful locations. And if you have ever dreamed of running in a field of wildflowers, exploring the ocean coast, hiking the mountains and soaking in a natural hot springs, paying a visit to the Pacific Northwest’s Oregon is the trip for you. When we planned our trip to Oregon, we had quite a few gorgeous Airbnbs on our wishlist. Now, we are sharing our list of 10 Best Dream Vacation Rentals & Airbnbs from our Oregon wishlist with you!

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  1. Luxurious Getaway

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Click here to check out listing: Luxurious Getaway

Average price: $296 per night

A few minutes away from Eugene is one of our favorite places we have every stayed- The Luxurious Getaway! The location was convenient yet remote enough to have complete peace with a beautiful view of the mountains in the distance coming up over the evergreen trees. Our favorite part was the arboretum bedroom. Thee experience of falling asleep under the stars and waking up to a breathtaking view just by opening your eyes will be one of the most memorable Airbnb experiences for me always! There is also a luxurious hot tub offering wonderful views and the home has a modern, bohemian vibe, offering everything you need. I highly recommend this wonderful Airbnb experience!

2. The Tower

Location: Tiller, Oregon (10 miles out of)

Click here to check out listing: The Tower

Average price: $232 per night

Deep withing the Umpqua Forest, you will find a unique lodging experience that is off the grid AND forty feet up in the air! The Tower gives guests a memorable stay offering modern essentials and 160 acres of land during your stay. The Tower is modeled after the Fire Lookout Towers built by the US National Forest Service in the early 1900s. The Tower is 2 hours away from Crater Lake, 45 minutes from Rogue River Rafting and 45 minutes away from the South Umpqua Falls. It also has a hot tub to relax in. This stay is a nature enthusiast’s dream!

Side note: This is completely booked for 2022 and can be a difficult place to rent because so many people are wanting to experience this stay. I suggest reading the description of managing an Airbnb profile and rental information that they have posted on their Airbnb site if you’d like to rent in 2023 or 2024.

3. The Haseman House

Click here to check out the listing: The Haseman House

Average price: $150 per night

If you are hoping to explore Portland, The Haseman House would be a lovely retreat in the city! It is a guest house behind a main house and shares the backyard on the property with front street parking. We were hoping to book this house in Portland, but it got reserved quickly- and we can see why! It has a cute architectural style with a convenient location. When we visit Portland again, this is where we would like to stay.

4. Mid-Century Riverfront Cabin

Location: Tillamook. Oregon

Check this listing out here: Mid-Century Riverfront Cabin

Average price: $411 per night

If you are looking for full luxury and a place to stay that has everything you need for you, family and kids (hello lighter packing), check out this Airbnb find from the woods of Tillamook. The feel is completely remote but the location is PERFECT. And I truly mean that! You are 10 minutes away from Tillamook, meaning you are also a short drive away from the ocean. You have over 300 feet of a private riverbank you can swim in. This location gives you plenty of different views to experience-including a view off the expansive deck or around the fire by the river.

Side note: Make sure to read the host’s requests to ensure this is the right stay for you!

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5. The Heartland Treehouse

Location: Langolis, Oregon

Check this listing out here: Heartland Treehouse

Average price: $ 240 per night

So I have a fascination with tree houses and this one is PRETTY high up on the list for a romantic getaway with my partner. I love the woods in Oregon- their moss-covered limbs give a Twilight vibes and it’s magical to walk in the woods-let alone stay in a tree house there! This is located on Oregon’s southern coast and overlooks a steep river canyon. There are two outdoor bathtubs where you can relax and soak in while enjoying the beautiful views!

6. Blue Horizon

Location: Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Check this listing out here: Blue Horizon

Average cost: $140 per night

Are you looking for something with an ocean view, short walk to the beach and not too far from the beautiful Cannon Beach area? Blue Horizon would be a good choice for anyone going to Oregon for the coastal adventures. It offers plenty of space if you are doing a family vacation with kids (sleeps up to 5), an entertainer’s patio and tons of amenities. Blue Horizon has 5 star reviews and offers panoramic views of the coast. I also think it’s a great deal with everything you get as well as the location.

7. Tiny Wine Wagon Home

Location: Sherwood, Oregon

Check out this listing out here: Tiny Home

Average cost: $111 per night

Nestled in a tiny forest not too far from Portland is the Tiny Wine Wagon Home that sleeps up to 3 people. (If this tiny home is too small for you, there is also another one they host close by. You can rent both out for up to 6 people if needed). There is a cute deck with a grill, lots of wildlife and a cozy, wine theme. The hostess has received a lot of positive feedback. It is definitely somewhere we would consider staying since it’s not terribly far from Portland.

8. Deschutes A Frame Cabin

Location: La Pine, Oregon (near Bend)

Check out this listing here: Deschutes Cabin

Starting at $234 per night

This cabin is on our wishlist because 1) it’s gorgeous and 2) it’s near the cute, scenic city of Bend. This rental gives you a beautiful view out back, hot tub, full amenities and tons of outdoor activities. Some examples are mountain bike trails, skiing, Deschutes River, cascade lakes, hot springs and Crater Lake National Park. I am also totally digging the cute projector to have an epic movie night! It can sleep up to 6 people. Definitely a place we are considering for next year.

9. Salacia Chalet

Location: Lincoln Beach, Oregon

Check out this listing here: Salacia Chalet

Average cost: $217 per night

Do you love cozy A-Frame cabins, ocean views and hot tubs? Well, Salacia Chalet gives you all of those things and more, as shared in their great reviews. Salacia Chalet is located on Gleneden Beach, minutes from Lincoln City and is nestled on the cliff side over looking the Pacific Ocean. You can sleep up to 6 guests in this lovely cabin and it’s also accommodating for kids. A perfect place to book if you are wanting to explore the Oregon coast.

10. Vitamin Sea Bohemian Beach House

Location: Oceanside, Oregon

Check out this listing here: Vitamin Sea

Average cost: $ 153 per night

We were very please with our Airbnb, The Vitamin Sea Bohemian Beach House. It was only a few minutes away from Tillamook (a much bigger town with everything you need) and it neighbors the small, cute crabbing/clamming town Netarts. We had a beautiful forest in our backyard and our front yard view off the balcony was the Pacific Ocean. We had a very cozy feel and easy beach side access. Further down our road we had access to a beautiful scenic overlook & Cape Meares (more about this area later!). At this point, we were also grateful they had a washer & dryer from our time in the hot springs!

BONUS: Modern Tiny House

Location: Shady Cove, Oregon

Check out this listing: Tiny House

Average cost: $ 160 per night

We had to add on one more listing we have been looking at! If you are looking for luxury meets tiny home- this is it! We love the cozy deck with the fire pit, lights and even a hot tub! If you are looking to explore Crater Lake National Park, Diamond Lake area with waterfalls, Grants Pass or Ashland areas, this southern Oregon tiny home may be a good option! (Sleeps 3 guests).

Ready to pack your bags and book a memorable vacation? Which Airbnb from the list is your favorite? Share in the comments which places you are most excited about and what part of Oregon you will be traveling to!

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