I have always been a PNW (Pacific North West) girl since I visited Seattle, Washington in 2015. Afterwards, I visited northern California and fell in love with the San Francisco and north coast area. I think that is why I adore the North Shore of Minnesota- it reminds me of the PNW in all its glory. My favorite of the all is Oregon! Use our 6 day itinerary for an Oregon coast road trip.

Image I took from Multnomah Falls.

The last area in the PNW I had never visited was Oregon. Let’s just say, this trip has me grateful I tried something new this year because Oregon has become my favorite PNW area in the country- for countless reasons! You get a little bit of everything from our Oregon coast road trip- hot springs, ocean coast, the mountains and even areas with endless sand dunes that give you a California desert feel. People are so very kind and welcoming. (And yes, Portland is weird, but that’s why I love it!).

Our view off the front deck at one of our Airbnbs. We loved Eugene!

We saw so much during our travels here, yet we barely skimmed the surface. I already know we will be back very soon for new adventures! Hopefully, you get to explore the awesome upper left side of America at some point in your journey as well. Maybe this itinerary will inspire you to venture out west. If you have your own experiences or favorite places you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comments section below!

Oregon offered all the wildflowers I could have ever imagined!

Disclaimer: Everything in my blog is based on my own opinions, experiences and perspectives. We are all different and my hope is you can go out and create experiences and perspectives of your own. I also have some affiliate links with Adobe, Back Country and throughout my blog and advertisements for brands I partner with and use such as Just Strong, Goli Vitamins and DIFF Eyewear. I make a very small commission if you purchase through the link & offer a discount code.

Frequently Asked Questions for Oregon Coast Road Trip

How many days does it take to drive the Oregon Coast?

Ideally, if you want to see all the stops, 2 weeks would be perfect.

What time of year is best for Oregon Coast Road Trip?

All seasons are perfect for an Oregon coast road trip. Our adventure takes place in the summer time.

What is the prettiest part of the Oregon coast?

There are unique sights all along the coast.

What’s the weather like in Oregon?

Locals described this year as “unusual”, noting their summer weather has not even begun due to the late spring. Whether we were in the mountains, Portland or along the ocean coast, it rained on and off every day we were there. The sun shined on and off throughout the day as well. We had one day where it was steady rain all day when we stayed along the coast. On average, it was in the 60’s and lower 70’s, being warmer in the city than the coastline.

There were a lot of rainy days by the coastline- luckily most of those days didn’t consist of just rain!

My best advice: no matter what time of year you visit Oregon, prepare for rain. I used my rain coat almost everyday. We also brought warmer clothing and thick socks- which I was very thankful for! Remember to bring rain boots unless you have a pair of hiking boots that are water proof. Even if you are staying by the ocean, this is not the type of ocean side vacation where you lay out on the beach in a swimsuit and flip flops. Pack a couple of outfits for warmer weather, but also pack for cool, rainy days and cold nights- especially if you are by the ocean!

Where to Stay?

Airbnbs Near Cannon Beach Oregon

Your options of where to stay in Oregon of course depends on where you are traveling to & your desired activities. Since we had so many places we wanted to see, it worked best for us to book 3 Airbnbs over the course of our week.

However, no matter where you go, there are unlimited options for lodging. Hotels, motels, vacation rentals, RV and car camping and beautiful campgrounds offer wonderful experiences for your travels. There are quite a few people who camp out of their van and RVs in Oregon if they are doing a road trip. Since we rented a car, we chose to stay in Airbnbs. Read below to check out some of our stays & checkout my separate blog entry featuring some of the coolest places to stay in Oregon from our wishlist.

How Do You Get There?

We decided to fly Sun Country airlines to save us time on our Oregon visit. Being we are from the Midwest, driving to Portland would have taken a significant amount of time. We flew into the PDX (International Portland) Airport from Minneapolis. Our flight was smooth with exception of delayed baggage claim.

From there, we were able to walk to Hertz rental car unit, one of many rental car companies attached to the airport. Our experience was very smooth & they even let us pick out our vehicle.

I will note- make sure to make a reservation for a rental car ahead of time. Many of the rental car organizations had signs up saying a reservation is required & were not accepting walk-ins. We reserved our car 3 months in advance to our trip. Our plane tickets we booked 9 months in advance as well (this saved us A LOT of money, because the same flight went up drastically during spring time).

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Oregon Pacific Coast Trip Itinerary Overview

Oceanside Beach view featuring Three Arches Rocks.
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Day 1: Arrive in Portland

Stop 1: Oregon City – Mike’s Diner Drive IN

When I created traveling tips for attending music festivals, a lot of the points I added might as well be for traveling in general. Pulling from that list, I want to say nourishing your body is a must! Sometimes when I travel, I get so excited about everything I see that I forget to eat (especially traveling to the coast- my body feels off because of the 2 hour time difference). We took a break driving from Portland to Eugene and stopped at Oregon City to experience Mike’s Diner Drive In. It was a pretty busy place- but a cute classic, 1950’s themed diner.


Stop 2: Luxury Airbnb in Eugene

One of my favorite parts of our experience was being able to explore the remote, mountainside area in Eugene that our Airbnb gave us access to. The bedroom was our favorite part as it’s an arboretum. Waking up, my first view was the mountains in the distance and the evergreens & at night time, I fell asleep looking up at the stars. We hiked a trail through a field of wildflowers out here & sat out on the deck for a private, scenic overlook of the mountainside. I have to say, this was one of my favorite Airbnbs for sure.

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Day 2: Explore Eugene, Williamette National Forest & Oceanside

Stop 3: Downtown Eugene – Voodoo Donuts, Concious Coffee and Park Street Cafe

Who said Voo Doo Donuts only existed in Portland? You can now get them in Eugene as well! Around the corner from Voo Doo Donuts is Conscious Coffee, with a fabulous barista! We spent a lot of time wandering around the beautiful downtown of Eugene. It’s a very artsy city with music on the streets and so much to see.

We went to Park Street Cafe with delicious, unique breakfast dishes. (If you are a fan of mushrooms, you will love it here! If you are not- you will find something else you love on the menu for sure). Park Street Cafe’s entrance is in the very back of the main building.

Downtown fountain in Eugene.

Stop 4: Lowell Covered Bridge & Dexter Reservoir

We knew we wanted to work our way east towards to check out hot springs known as the Meditation Pool, so we worked our way out east. We made a stop to admire the historic Lowell Covered Bridge by the Dexter Reservoir and off Willamette Highway. You can’t drive on it, but you can walk the path near it and read about the history behind the area. This is a a picturesque area and also a great spot to go fishing.

Further down on Pioneer Street is the Lowell State Park, recommended by one of the locals we met during our walk.

Stop 5: Williamette National Forest Cruise and Hike

We were on a quest for the Meditation Pools (Mc Credie Hot Springs), which is what brought us through Willamette National Forest. When we got to the site, it was actually closed with a lot of fallen trees around.

However, we did not mind because the view was beautiful & we were able to do some exploring in the woods. We also discovered the cute town of Westfir, with another historic, red covered bridge. They had a cute lodge (The Westfir Lodge) and the Norfolk Trailhead for hiking.

Stop 6: Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs

We decided to try another hot springs on our list- Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs, located deep within the canyons of the thickly wooded Willamette National Forest. We drove up the winding road to the hot springs (watch out for the pot holes- the road is very beat up in certain areas!) and there is a dirt parking area facing Cougar Reservoir. From there, it was a short hike to the wooden shack where you get your wristband. (Make sure to check out the beautiful, blue waters of Cougar reservoir and the waterfall as well!).

It’s $7 per person to enter & clothing is optional. From that point, it was a 5 minute walk to the hot springs. There are 3 pools, with the largest on top and the smallest on the bottom. Waters were 102 degrees when we went. I advise you to try the largest pool at the very top because it is the cleanest and the warmest.

The other two pools consists of run off water from the top pool & are in need of some repairs. We stayed here for an hour and relaxed, mingling with others there & enjoying the clear, turquoise waters. If you are wanting less people, it’s advised to go early in the morning.

Another suggestion I have if you have more time is to visit Tamolitch “Blue Pool” Falls. We did not have time to hike this area after the hot springs, but we would like to go back to check it out! I have never seen water look so blue before!

There are various campgrounds around this area. A few for you to check out are Slide Creek Campground, Cougar Crossing Campground. French Pete Campground and Hard Rock Campground.

Plan your visit to Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs here and Tamolitch “Blue Pool” Falls here.

Stop 7: Eugene- Bon Mi and Tea Chai Te

We decided to make one last stop in Eugene on our way out west to the ocean. We tried Bon Mi and ordered Pho and sandwiches, then walked a couple blocks over from som tea at Tea Chai Te (such a need place- check it out if you are ever in the area!). The streets were alive with a group of people dancing to Bruno Mars and a large crowd hanging out in the downtown area by Voo Doo Donuts.

Stop 8: Arrive in Oceanside at Airbnb near Cannon Beach

From Eugene, we drove on I-5 until we go to Salem, then took HWY 22 to HWY 101, which brought us to Oceanside. HWY 22 and HWY 101 have lots of sharp turns that wind around cliffs and trees. It reminded me a lot of Pacific Coast HWY 1 that we road tripped up the California coast on. Even when we arrived in Oceanside, we were literally driving along a cliff with the Pacific Ocean nearby. The view is incredible through! The best I can describe it a cliff side, European feel.

We were very please with our Airbnb, The Vitamin Sea Bohemian Beach House. It was only a few minutes away from Tillamook (a much bigger town with everything you need) and it neighbors the small, cute crabbing/clamming town Netarts. There was a beautiful forest in our backyard and our front yard view off the balcony was the Pacific Ocean. It was a very cozy feel and easy beach side access.

Further down our road we had access to a beautiful scenic overlook & Cape Meares (more about this area later!). At this point, we were also grateful they had a washer & dryer from our time in the hot springs!

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Day 3: Oregon Coast Road Trip

Stop 9: Oceanside – Three Arch Rocks & Tunnel Beach

Our morning started off with a walk alongside the ocean. It was in the lower 60s and windy, so we made sure to dress warm. We walked at Oceanside Beach & discovered the secret tunnel, which you can access to get to the other side of the beach if the tide is high.

The tide was low for us this morning, so we were able to walk there on thebeach instead. We had so much fun discovering starfish, crabs and sand dollars in the tidal pools. Oceanside is also home to the Three Arch Rocks-a wonderful view with the sunset!

Oceanside Beach view with Three Arches Rocks

Stop 10: Tillamook- The Fern Cafe

We were hoping to try to Blue Agate Cafe near the beach, but they were closed for the week. Instead, we went to The Fern Cafe in Tillamook for breakfast. It was a great experience there & they also have a bakery right next door, which is part of the cafe. If you are in need of any supplies or wanting to buy food to make, there is a Fred Meyers store right down the road from here along with endless little drive through coffee shops.

Stop 11: Oregon Coast Road Trip to Astoria on Highway 101

We wanted to get a feel for the entire Northern coast of Oregon, so we decided to cruise to Astoria & work our way down. The drive alone is an amazing scenic byway on our Oregon coast road trip. As an overview, our favorite towns were passed through were Seaside (so much to do here & plenty of places to hike or stores to shop at) and the charming, Cannon Beach area.

Stop 12: Warrenton- Peter Iredale Shipwreck in Fort State Park

Fort Stevens State Park has 4,300 acres offering a variety of activities and a very large campground. (We had a surprise greeter at the entrance of the park-an Elk!). Visitors can swim (there are 2 picnic areas and a trail winding around the swimming area), disc golf, scenic overlooks of the Colombia River and offers over 15 miles of trails to hike. We were most excited to visit this area because of it’s history.

A military installation was once here to guard the mouth of the Colombia River, spanning from the Civil War to WW2 (StateParks.Oregon.Gov 2022). We were in awe of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, a 4-masted, steel bark built in Mayport, England in 1890. While sailing from Salina Cruz, Mexico in 1906, the ship encountered heavy fog, with a strong current and heavy winds snapping 3 out of the 4 masts of the ship.

The Peter Iredale wrecked at Clatsop Beach, leaving everyone unharmed. We were in awe that a shipwreck over 100 years old is still preserved, sitting on the shores of the ocean. The sand here is also very different from other areas of the coast. There are more sand dunes with find, dark sand and nothing else but ocean and sand for miles and miles. This was one of our favorite experiences from the trip.

Interested in a Kayak Tour of Trestle Bay? Book with Kayak Tillamook here!

If you are interested in camping in a yurt, hiker/biker camp, full electrical hook up sites, deluxe cabins or tent sites click here for more information! Make sure to book 6 months in advance to ensure you can get a reservation.

Stop 13: Oregon Coast Road Trip Scenic Overlook

There are many scenic overlooks but our favorite was the overlook before Hug Point (near Cannon Beach). We stopped here for awhile and took lots of pictures. It was a good place to rest and have the perfect view for our Oregon coast road trip

Stop 14: Cannon Beach- Ecola State Park and Indian Beach

Are you a fan of The Goonies or Twilight? Then Ecola Park and Indian Beach are a must-see for you! The entrance is located in Cannon Beach. Follow the signs of HWY 101, which will lead you to a small, winding road up into the forest of Ecola Park. This drive will take you to Indian Beach. You will see a parking lot overlooking the ocean and have access to walked down to Indian Beach from here.

The information panel by the parking lot gives you a map of where various movies were filmed in this location (Breaking Point with Patrick Swayze and Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger). I felt like I was in the movie Twilight walking in this area- with the cliff side and moss-covered trees, I can see why this was a popular place to have so many movie scenes filmed.

STOP 15: Oregon Coast Road Trip CANNON BEACH- HUG POINT

Stop 15: Cannon Beach – Hug Point

Hug Point many not be as known as the Haystack Rock beach area, but I fell in love with this area. Coming off HWY 101, you will pull into a parking lot with a stair case that gives you access to the beach. I suggest you go here when the tide is low so you can access the hidden beach with the secret waterfalls and countless sea caves.

This was my favorite area along the Oregon coast road trip & I was lucky enough to be able to shoot some lovely pictures here as well with the stunning Rebecca Rizzo Photographics (elopements, weddings and portraits). This stop should be on your itinerary!

Photo shoot done at Hug Point by Cannon Beach with Rebecca Rizzo Photographics.

Side note: Hug Point in Cannon Beach was the location of my poetry collection inspired photo shoot, Shipwreck. I had so much fun collaborating with Rebecca Rizzo Photographics and honored to use this sacred land to portray the vibes from the book. Check out the behind the scenes video below!

Check out my debut poetry collection, SHIPWRECK, written during my travels!

Stop 16: Cannon Beach – Haystack Rock

Exploring the charming town of Cannon Beach is a must-do if you are visiting the Oregon coast. Cannon Beach is home to the famous Haystack Rock (they filmed scenes here from The Goonies), which is larger than life (pictures do not do it justice!). We caught a gorgeous sunset in this area as well as explored Cannon Beach, which is an absolutely beautiful coastal town.

If you want to plan a visit to Cannon Beach, find a place to stay or get the inside scoop of festivals and activities, click here to start your adventure!

Day 4: Explore Oregon Coast Road Trip on the Loop

Stop 17: Tillamook – Blue Heron French Cheese Company

If you like cheese or dairy, you will love Tillamook, famous for their creamery. We had a lot of laughs at the Blue Heron French Cheese Company. Not only is it a cute area, but you have adorable farm animals that greet you along with a peacock who guards the entrance to the Candy Shop. We were able to sample some unique cheeses, dips and jams as well as shop. There is a delicious restaurant on site with great subs.

Learn more about the Blue Heron French Cheese Company here!

Stop 18: Tillamook- Downtown Shopping and Farmer’s Market

On Saturdays, there is a farmer’s market in Tillamook featuring home made clam chowder in bread bowls, live music and a bunch of small stands where you can purchase vegetables, art, necklaces, crystals and other home made products.

Tillamook is also home to a variety of cute shops. We went to 4 shops but I’d like to high light a thrift shop, Recurrent. The service was great and there are so many trendy, cute options here. It was great to go to a thrift shop that was so well put together! We all walked about with a few finds from here.

Stop 19: Tillamook- Dutch Mill Cafe

Are you looking to go back in time to the 1950’s? Stepping into the Dutch Mill Cafe was like stepping into a time capsule. From the set up of the restaurant colors to the arcades and games in the back, this places goes all out with bringing everything back. Dutch Mill Cafe is located in the middle of downtown Tillamook.

Stop 20: Tillamook- The Fish Peddler

If you are okay with driving a little bit north of Tillamook, you can visit The Fish Peddler, a cute restaurant on a pier famous for it’s oysters and crab melts. There were quite a few people here & many flocked for the clam chowder. I tried this and it was delicious!

Stop 21: Tillamook Creamery- Ice Cream Flights

I’ve had flights to beautiful places, wine flights and cider flights…but an ice cream flight? Count me in! The Tillamook Creamery offers a variety of options for ice cream made from their famous Tillamook Creamery. I tried the Masonberry (exclusive to the Oregon), cookies N cream and butter pecan for my flight & it did not disappoint! There’s a little store and gift shop located on site as well.

Learn more about the Tillamook Creamery here!

Stop 22: Three Capes Scenic Loop- Cape Meares & Octopus Tree

Off the Tillamook coast is the Three Capes Scenic Loop, which is pretty easy to follow with all the signs. You can get some of the most beautiful views of the landscape & it eventually leads you down to a steep, forested area in Oceanside known as Cape Meares (this was down the road from our Airbnb).

We spent a lot of time here to see the overlooks (you can get a great view of most of the coastline as well as Three Arch Rocks here), the iconic lighthouse and the Octopus Tree, a Sitka spruce which has grown in the most unique of ways! This is also an area where you can get a great view of wildlife along the coast. Click here to learn more!

Day 5: Explore Portland and Shopping

Stop 23: Oregon Coast Road Trip : Hike Oceanside and Netarts Beach – Explore Tidal Pools

If you are interested in catching your own food, consider your hand at crabbing or clamming in the Netarts and Oceanside areas. We saw quite a few people out and about catching their food & it was neat to see! Visit the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife website for more information.

We enjoyed one last hike along the Oceanside Beach, Symes State Scenic Viewpoint and by the Netarts area. While we had no such luck crabbing, we were able to experience a very low tide, allowing us to really explore the ocean & what it left behind.

Stop 24: Tillamook- Cabin Coffee Co.

My favorite coffee stand in Tillamook is Cabin Coffee Company. Not only are their drinks incredible, but they have a large food menu as well. I had one of the best veggie breakfast sandwiches ever because it was made with the Tillamook Creamery cheese and a home made bagel. If you are overwhelmed with all the coffee options, I highly recommend Cabin Coffee Co.

Stop 25: Portland – Alberta Arts District

Portland is known for their unique, weird shops that promote sustainability, spirituality, art and ensuring all are welcome. The Alberta Arts District is definitely an art district, sporting murals, shops that look like they’re out of a magazine and plenty of authentic food trucks. There is also plenty of street side parking from adjacent roads.

Click on the following shops we visited for a glimpse of Portland: Psychic Sisters, ECO Vibe, Tumbleweed Clothing Store, Grasshopper Children’s Store, Modo Boutique.

Stop 26: Portland – La Provence and Food

Also located in he Alberta Arts District is La Provence, a French restaurant and bakery that we will visit every time we come back to Portland in the future. The food is AMAZING. We tried their macaroon packs, pastries and cheese cake samples. All were completely delicious! If this is what France tastes like- I may end up there next!

There are tons of yummy places to try in the Alberta Arts District area- Proud Mary Cafe, Ben & Esther’s Jewish Vegan Deli, Hana Japanese Bistro, Supernova Vegan, Alleyway Cafe & Bar and Just Bob. This list isn’t even counting all the wonderful food trucks we passed by on our walk down Alberta. I also want to highlight Salt and Straw Ice cream shop is in this area as well- another famous ice cream shop in Oregon!

Stop 27: Portland – Powell’s Book Store

After leaving the Albert Arts District, we ventured out to downtown Portland. We visited other shops downtown but our main destination was Powell’s Book Store, Portland’s legendary independent book store. Powell’s Book Store is the largest used and new book store in the world housing millions and millions of rare books.

You can find books by genre, with each genre coded to a room that’s a certain color. If you are a bookworm, you will be in heaven. I was so excited I didn’t know where to start. It’s truly something you have to experience yourself to understand why it’s so amazing!

Click here to visit the Powell’s Book Store website to purchase books, learn more about the book store, or plan your visit. There is also detailed information showing you where to park & the cost. They are open daily 10 am to 9 pm.

Stop 28: Portland – Sushi Hada

Have you ever saw sushi and rice on a conveyer belt cruise by your table? Me neither, but Portland’s Sushi Hada does just that! You get endless options of sushi rolls, hibachi, noodles, salads and soups. We had a great experience here (the portions are huge!). It was a perfect way for us to end our evening.

Day 6: Explore Portland, Multnomah Falls and Departure

Stop 29: Portand – International Rose Test Garden

Overlooking the city of Portland is the International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park, home to over 610 different rose varieties. I swear there were roses in colors we did not even know existed! We enjoyed reading what they named their rose varieties as well. The garden has a beautiful view of the Portland skyline in the background. It is free to get into the rose garden, you will just need to pay for parking. This was one of my favorite things from our stay in Portland and on our Oregon coast road trip

To plan your visit to the International Rose Test Garden, click here.

Stop 30: Portland – Japanese Zen Garden

Across from the International Rose Test Garden is the entrance to the Japanese Zen Garden. With tax and fees, it costed us $20 per person to get in. The Japanese Zen Garden makes you feel like you’re walking into Japan. The grass isn’t actually grass- it’s moss! Every tree and plant in this garden mirrors what a forest in Japan many look like. It’s a wonderful experience!

To plan your visit to the Japanese Zen Garden, click here.

Stop 31: Portland – Charlie’s Deli & Delivery

I totally back up Charlie’s Deli when they say they have the best subs in Portland- um yes they do! Their bread is delicious and so are their side salads (the garden salad is much bigger than you think & their potato salad is vegan).

I tried their grilled tofu sandwich and it was unlike any I’ve ever had. I suggest you order online, then call their number once you’ve arrived at the pick up window (you cannot go in the store at this time). We brought these sandwiches along to picnic at Multnomah Falls!

You can order online at Charlie’s Deli & Delivery here.

Stop 32: Off I-84 & Columbia River Highway- Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls was our grand finale for the Oregon coast road trip and it did not disappoint! We drove 35 minutes to Multnomah Falls from Portland (make sure to check out some of the beautiful waterfalls down the cliff you will see on your way there!).

At first, we took a wrong exit at Bridal Veil. We ended up going back on I-84 until we came to the parking area (yes- it’s a parking lot in the middle of the interstate!). From there is a a tunnel you enter to walk to the Multnomah Falls area. You can picnic there, climb to the bridge, eat at the restaurant (make a reservation!), go to their cute coffee shop, go out for ice cream and visit the gift shop (it’s like a little town!).

What you need to know before going: I can’t say it enough-make a reservation if you are going between May 24 through September 5 (aka tourist season)! Tickets are $2 per vehicle. You pick your time slot & screenshot your ticket for the ticket master. This is a very busy place & it’s likely you will struggle to get in if you do not have a reservation. You can plan your visit and make your reservation here!

Stop 33: Portland – Thrifting

Portland is abundant in sustainable living- and this includes thrifting! If you like vintage and used clothing stores-take a cruise down Hawthorne Blvd- they are all next to each other, so it’s very convenient! We all found some neat outfits for cheaper and even name brand shoes that were like new for $20.

Some of the thrift shops we loved the most are Buffalo Exchange, In Real Life, 2nd Street (great shoe selection here) and Crossroads Trading. It’s also worth mentioning there is a small Powell’s Book Store on this block as well as gift shops. We parked along an adjacent road to Hawthrone Blvd.

Other Experiences We Are Planning for Next Time

It’s simply impossible to experience all the fun, beautiful things Portland and Oregon have to offer in one week. When we have another Oregon coast road trip, we will visit:

  1. Tamolitch: Blue Pool” Falls: While swimming is discouraged because of how deep it is, a hike to the Blue Pool is something we dream of.
  2. Deer Creek Hot Springs: We have a hot springs obsession & want to visit more!
  3. Crater Lake National Park: Who wouldn’t want to see one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country?
  4. Road tripping on the southern Oregon coast: We have a lot of things we want to see in this area-from Bandon State Park to the Redwoods, Thor’s Well and the Devil’s Punch bowl.
  5. Florence: We are hoping to spend extra time here to admire the unique, white sand dunes & maybe rent a buggy to drive!
  6. Studio Ghibli- Portland is home to the Studio Ghibli. A worker from Powell’s Book Store mentioned it’s incredibly difficult to get tickets the day of, so they suggested purchasing tickets in advance.
  7. Witch’s Castle in Portland: Peep this short video for the details on this one- it’s interesting! Click here.

Share in the comments which stop you are most excited about and other fun Pacific North West experiences!

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