Are you a coffee lover who makes an effort to explore beyond Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Caribou Coffee? Lucky for you, Minnesota is sprinkled with local, family owned coffee shops across the state, with each cup of coffee different from the next. Whether you are the type of person who is accompanied to the beach by an iced coffee during a sweltering, humid Minnesota summer day or curling up with hot cup of coffee and your favorite socks during an infamous cold Minnesota January night, coffee has never tasted better anywhere else.


Cup of coffee on the shores of Lake Superior, MN, home to many amazing local coffee shops!

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1. Cafe Astoria in St. Paul, MN

Cafe Astoria is a locally owned coffee shop known for their colorful, Instagram-worthy lattes off their secret menu that compliment the beautiful murals and artwork in their shop. My mother and I have a goal to try every latte off the menu (life is all about goals, right?!). We also love their smoothie bowls and feature of the Filipino flavor Ube in their drinks (if you have not tried Ube, what are you waiting for?!).

They also specialize in a variety of crepes and have just recently rolled out Crepe Cakes (check out their website to see how awesome of an idea this is!). If you are in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area, this place is a MUST SEE!

Check out the menu and other delicious items here: Cafe Astoria

2. The Coffee Hag in Mankato

Photo credit to The Coffee Hag Facebook

The Coffee Hag nestled in downtown Mankato can be summed up with three words: Music. Art. Soul. However, I would also add delicious coffee flavors to this as well! A personal favorite of mine has been The Hangover or Morning Remedy to follow up after those wild Saturday nights. The Coffee Hag brings in local artists to play in the shop and feature local art as well. If you are someone looking for vegan options for drinks and food, this is the place for you!

Link: The Coffee Hag

3. Java Moose in Grand Marais

Java Moose is located on the harbor of Grand Marias

Everyone who knows me knows my favorite place in Minnesota is Grand Marais, a beautiful harbor town nestled along the shores of Lake Superior, 2 hours north of Duluth along Highway 61. Grand Marais’ downtown is tucked away in the harbor, along with one of my favorite coffee shops, Java Moose. Java Moose carries coffee options, hot and cold, made with local maple syrup. Some of my favorites are the Maple Latte (I have yet to try anything that tastes like this out of my travels across the country!) and Harbor Fog, which tastes like a “hug in a mug”.

Not to mention, they have wonderful fresh baked goods and sandwiches. You can also purchase honey, syrup and jams all locally made. One thing I do every time I visit Grand Marais is grab my Maple Latte, a scone and sit alongside the harbor watching the sun rise. Seriously, it’s one of the most healing moments you can have (and a perfect time to journal as well!). This should make everyone’s bucket list!

4. Fika Coffee in Lutsen

Photo credit to Fika Coffee on Facebook

If you are planning a vacation to Minnesota’s infamous North Shore (I will be having a wonderful blog post to help plan a North Shore trip coming this summer!), then for the love of coffee make sure Fika Coffee shop is on your list! Fika Coffee features artisanal coffee roaster using the best, sustainable coffee beans. This small, family owned business located off of Highway 61 has brought some of the most wonderful coffee options from around the world to Minnesota.

I have stopped in for a cup of coffee and to visit their shop featuring other products on my way to Grand Marais. I also order their steeped coffee bags (just like a tea bag!) and this has been one of my go to options for coffee on the go whether I am on the way to work with no time to wait for coffee to brew or if I am flying out on my next trip.

Visit Fika Coffee

5. County Seat Coffee House in Mantorville

Photo credit to County Seat Coffeehouse : facebook
County Seat Coffee has an item on the menu for EVERYONE- all made from scratch!

Mantorville is known for how well they have preserved their historical downtown- from the 1946 Hubble House restaurant to the 19th century Opera House. But what would a historical town be without a classic coffee shop? County seat Coffeehouse is home to many made from scratch meals, spring rolls and PHO, pies and of course, coffee items. Their menu has so much variety, it has been a place I am comfortable trying new flavors every time I go. One of my favorite seasonal coffee drinks they have is called Lucky Charms featured for St. Patrick’s Day.

View County Seat Coffeehouse

6. Due North Coffee Co. in Rochester

Due North Coffee Company is one of those places I stumbled across on accident. While on a day trip to Rochester to take my kids to the trampoline park, Air Insanity, I discovered….coffee! I thought my eyes were deceiving me at first- a coffee trailer in a parking lot? I cruised by the drive through menu and they have some of the most unique drinks inspired by sites in northern Minnesota. Due North has great drink options for kids (convenient since it’s located by Air Insanity!). (Favorites from my kids are Dinosaur Juice, Adventure Juice and Shark in the Lake).

For adults, they feature sustainably sourced Peruvian and Guatemalan blends used in my favorite drinks such as Ole & Lena’s Latte, -60 Degrees Below Matcha and the Loony Nitro. They also feature refreshing shakers and teas that go great with hot summer days! Definitely worth a cruise through if you are on a day trip or running errands in Rochester!

Link: Due North Coffee Co.

7. Central Park Coffee in Owatonna

Excited about waffles? Check out the $5 Waffle Wednesday menu.

Downtown Owatonna is home to one of the coziest little coffee shops around. Central Park Coffee has an extensive drink menu allowing you to customize and create any coffee drink you can dream of! They are also home to some of the most delicious waffles (my favorite is Cereal Killer Fruity Pebbles waffle!). Make sure to swing by for some coffee on Waffle Wednesday, where all waffle plates are $5.00! You can also shop artwork and other items sold by local artists.

Check out all the options you have at Central Park Coffee.

8. Little Joy Coffee in Northfield

Photo credit to Litthe Joy Coffee facebook

Downtown Northfield is historical with so many unique stores, restaurants and services along with a beautiful riverside walk. During their Crazy Days week, I wandered through each shop and visited quite a few coffee shops down the strip. They were all delicious, but there was one that stood out: Little Joy Coffee featuring flavors from Groundwire Coffee Roasters. This trendy coffee bar is a perfect place to bring a book or laptop and work from home, on projects or homework for hours. Their steamed Horchata Latte is a favorite of mine- especially on a cold winter day! Visit their Facebook page to see the inside view of this cute shop!

Link: Little Joy Coffee Bar

9. Crack of Dawn- Faribault

Crack of Dawn is a family-owned, made from scratch bake house known for their freshly made breads, quiche, pecan caramel rolls and signature sandwiches. Walking into this bakery smells heavenly. Of course, what’s a bakery without a cup of coffee to accompany baked goods? Their Tilt a While coffee mix and organic chai tea is how I like to start my crack of dawn! Make sure to check their business hours before visiting.

Link: Explore Crack of Dawn

10. Hanisch Bakery & Coffee Shop- Red Wing

Grab a cup of coffee paired with any baked good you can dream of at Hanisch Bakery in downtown Red Wing. Display cases upon display cases feature fresh baked goods from bread and Danish sweets to macaroons and donuts or cookies. I was able to have one of the most delicious vanilla lattes here while my children enjoyed a smoothie. This is also an amazing lunch spot as well! Your sweet tooth will definitely thank you for a visit to this coffee place!

View the Hanisch Bakery menu.

11. Bella Cafe and Espresso 34- Park Rapids, MN

For such a small town, Park Rapids is embellished with two amazing coffee stops. First, you if are exploring the downtown area and have time to dine in, check out Bella Cafe. Not only do they have a lot of options, but they have a wonderful lunch menu and plenty of space. If you are in a rush and need a drive through option, try Espresso 34. We loved their blonde brownie latte option and bagel breakfast sandwich!

Link: Bella Cafe and Espresso 34

12. The Annabelle House- Osseo

If you are downtown Osseo any time of the year, a stop at The Annabelle House for lunch or breakfast is a MUST! They serve unique coffee flights that change with the season. I love the idea of this because we can go to The Annabelle House several times yet have brand new experiences! We did the Fall Flights and all of the flights were delicious! My personal favorite was the Maple Cream Latte, but I also discovered my new favorite- Salted Caramel Apple (a perfect refreshing summer drink).

Link: The Annabelle House

13. Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis

I went to the 1950’s theme Glam Doll Donuts shop in anticipation of the one of a kind donut selection (The Frenchy is my favorite and a must try with the cream cheese frosting along with the chocolate caramel Calendar Girl and vegan options!) and I stumbled across one of a kind coffee selections as well! Try their cold press on ice or any flavor of latte if you are on your way in to grab a donut (or a pink box of 15!).

Link: Glam Doll Donuts

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14. Froth & Cork- Hastings

Froth & Cork is located inside a restored, Victorian home with 2 levels of unique seating. Their delicious coffee specialties are adorned with a mini waffle and lots of love! They also have a lunch and breakfast menu. We were able to get coffee flights to sample some of their drinks & came out loving the Caramel Macchiato Cold Press and Pumpkin White Mocha Latte. Make sure to check out their local merchandise too!

Link: Forth & Cork

15. Day by Day Café in St. Paul

Day by Day Café is located by Café Astoria- and while I love their coffee they serve…I like their pancakes more! All of their food is wonderful, as well as the service. There is also a lot of space and art to see. It reminded me of a classic diner from decades ago with a modern twist. Definitely a place to check out!

For more information, visit the Day by Day Café website here.

site here.

16. Coffee Talk and Juneberry Cafe- Taylors Falls

Heading out for a hike within Interstate State Park? There are two places I suggest you stop: Coffee Talk or Juneberry Cafe. Both are delicious and serve home made goodies as well as an array of other drinks you can bring with for you hike. Juneberry Cafe is located almost across the entrance to Interstate State Park, downtown Taylors Falls. Coffee Talk is a little bit down the road of downtown Taylors Falls, housed in a renovated Victorian-style building with a charming back yard for dining during Minnesota’s warmer months.

Link: Coffee Talk and Juneberry Cafe

17. Lush Cakes- Waseca

At first I thought Lush Cakes was only a bakery, but I was completely wrong! Lush is home of the famous blue Butterfly Latte- one of my favorite summer coffee drinks! They also serve a breakfast bagel sandwich I get each time I am going through Waseca. I appreciate that they have a drive through for convenience on busier days of life!

Link: Lush Cakes

18. Brewed Awakenings- Grand Rapids

Brewed Awakenings led us to a lovely AIRBNB stay that was definitely worth the cost! On our way to Voyageurs National Park, we decided to stay here for the night. In the morning, we were able to walk right downstairs for breakfast and coffee (Butternut Latte, to be exact!). They also serve made from scratch gelato. I highly recommend this entire experience!

Link: Brewed Awakenings and AIRBNB apartment (nightly cost $80)


Mocha Moose in Two Harbors

Mocha Moose is a hidden treasure you can find alongside the Scenic Bypass of Old Highway 61. I ordered a Cold Brew Salted Carmel latte with cold foam and it was the perfect thing for a hot day. Honestly, I struggled picking a drink because it ALL sounded good! Our favorite stop was Mocha Moose. They have a lot of coffee options that are completely different from other places and a small, but delicious food menu. What makes this place unique is it is set up for you to take your time. They have tons of games, a piano and wonderful books to read. They also sell local art and goods in the coffee shop. I felt like I was in someone’s home when I was there- but it was such a welcoming feeling. There is also a patio on the side with a wildflower garden. This is going to become a staple stop for us during our future North Shore vacations.

You can find more information about Mocha Moose HERE!

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