Have you ever wanted to visit those places that pop up on your screensaver? Visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon was exactly that experience for us! We went on a 7 day road trip throughout Arizona, and our visit to Antelope Canyon was by far our favorite experience of the week! Read and save our article, Things to Know Before Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon to plan your own Arizona adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our kids enjoyed our tour of Antelope Canyon.

Is the Lower Antelope Canyon worth seeing?

If you like exploring out of this world landscapes, the Lower Antelope Canyon is for you. It was our favorite part of our Arizona road trip.

How difficult is the Lower Antelope Canyon?

Climbing the stairs down into the canyon is the most difficult part as one set is very steep. Most of the stairs are very doable and short.

Can you go to Lower Antelope Canyon without a tour?

No, the Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation. The only way to explore the area is by booking a tour through an authorized tour company.

Is Upper or Lower better for Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon is incredibly deep with very little light reaching the bottom and is an A- shaped canyon. The Lower Antelope Canyon is V-shaped, and has a lot more light because it is not as deep. That being said, we really enjoyed our experience with the Lower Antelope Canyon.

What is the best month to visit Lower Antelope Canyon?

Spring or fall are the best months to visit either canyon (or Arizona in general) due to the extreme heat in the summer.

1. Antelope Canyon is located in Page, Arizona.

Page, Arizona is home to the infamous Antelope Canyon and is located in northern Arizona near the Utah border. Driving from Phoenix, it would be a 4.5 hour drive. From Sedona, AZ it is a 2 hour and 50 minute drive. The drive to Page, Arizona alone is absolutely stunning as you pass through the southern edge of the Great Basin Desert.

Also note- Page, Arizona shares the same time zone as Phoenix, Arizona. If you love beautiful landscapes like Antelope Canyon or the Grand Canyon. check out our adventure in Custer State Park and the Badlands.

2. There Are Two Antelope Canyons.

Antelope Canyon is divided into two sections- the upper and lower, about a mile apart from each other. I will say, we went with the Lower Antelope Canyon tour because of the smaller tour groups. We had about 10 people in our group, which gave us enough time to really enjoy our tour. The Upper Antelope Tour features a total of 500 visitors every two hours!

The climb down Antelope Canyon.

3. How Antelope Canyon Was Created.

To really appreciate Antelope Canyon, it’s important to know how it was made. This remarkable slot canyon has been carved into the Navajo land through flash floods and water and wind erosions over millions of years. The colorful sandstone is further illuminated by the light that filters in, creating an iconic orange glow. This iconic destination has been featured in National Geographic and is on the bucket list for many tourists.

I will forever remember my walk through Lower Antelope Canyon.

The only way to explore either canyons is to book tour because Antelope Canyon is protected by Navajo Parks and Recreation. This is also due to safety reasons. We booked our tour guide through Dixie’s Lower Antelope Tours and they were absolutely incredible! Children 0-3 years old are free, 4-12 years old is $35 and adults (13 and up) are $55 per person.

4. Booking a Tour is Required.

Antelope Canyon.

5. Make Sure to Review the List of Prohibited Items Beforehand.

Dixie’s Lower Antelope Tours requests that the only bags brought are clear ones. They also ask you do not bring hand held camcorders, go pros, selfie sticks and tripods in. It’s important to read the full list on their website. During the tour, they will also ask that you do not smoke, drink, rock climb, scratch the walls or take pictures on the stairs.

Antelope Canyon in AZ.

6. How Long is the Tour?

The tour for the Lower Antelope Canyon took 1.5 hours long. They asked us to arrive 30-45 minutes early at their tour center. From there, a member of the Navajo tribe performed a hoop dance for us while we waited for our tour guide. It was a wonderful start to our tour! From the tour center, the walk is 10 minutes to get to the entrance of the canyon.

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Antelope Canyon's exit.

7. What Should You Bring?

I suggest bringing water, wearing hiking boots and of course, your camera! There are plenty of photo opportunities in the Lower Antelope Canyon. Chances are, your guide will even offer to take some pictures for you! Our guide took several photos for us. He captured a sunrise, sea horse, shark and eagle. Overall, there are of plenty of opportunities to take pictures! A sun hat, sunglasses and cloth (it can get dusty) are also not a bad idea. If needed, baby carriers are also allowed.

A sea horse in Antelope Canyon.

8. Ask Your Tour Guide Questions

Our tour guide answered all of our questions and told us stories about the canyon, gave us photography tips and even pointed out some amazing rock formations as we hiked through. He advised us to look at the canyon from different angles to view different rock formations and shapes they can represent. All the little details he added really made our tour special.

9. Dinosaur Footprints

Our tour guide pointed about some awesome dinosaur footprints preserved as you leave Lower Antelope Canyon and at the front of the tour guide center. My kids were very excited to see these & it was neat to see the footprints preserved naturally where they were originally made instead of viewing them in a museum.

10. Other Attractions in Page, Arizona

Make sure to check out the infamous Horseshoe Bend, one of the most photographed areas of the Colorado River. This is about 10 minutes from the Antelope Canyon site. You can also check out Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, The Wave in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and Grand Staircase Escalante national Monument in the Page area.

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  • 10 Things to Know Before Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona

    10 Things to Know Before Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona

    Have you ever wanted to visit those places that pop up on your screensaver? Visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon was exactly that experience for us! We went on a 7 day road trip throughout Arizona, and our visit to Antelope Canyon was by far our favorite experience of the week! Read and save our article,…

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