The holidays are about spending time with the people you love most. Along with spending time with them, there may be pressure to buy them the perfect gift this holiday season. Materialistic items come and go but giving someone the gift of experience (or items that contribute to their experience) is not only an unforgettable gift, but one that gives you the opportunity to spend even more time together!

In this gift guide, I will be sharing a list of holiday gift ideas for the special people in your life. Examples are meaningful experiences, physical items that can be used during an experience (travel, hiking, self care, etc) and ideas to bring adventure to the lives of your friends, family, partner and children. The list is not specific, but are general ideas that you can search and adjust depending on where you live. Also, remember to support small businesses!

Disclaimer: Everything in my blog is based on my own opinions, experiences and perspectives. We are all different and my hope is you can go out and create experiences and perspectives of your own. I also have some affiliate links with Adobe, Back Country and throughout my blog and advertisements for brands I partner with and use such as Just Strong, Goli Vitamins and DIFF Eyewear. I make a very small commission if you purchase through the link & offer a discount code.



Decrease your stress this holiday season by using the list below to put together the most perfect, memorable gift for your loved ones. The list is divided into FOUR categories: Experience, Activities, Outdoor Adventure & Physical Items and Subscription Boxes.



Give the gift of experience to get your special person out of the house and into the world. Maybe they need a full on spa day- if you can search spas in the area and consider getting them a gift card there. If you want to go all out, consider researching hotels and seeing if they have spa options available.

Booking a hotel room is also a good idea if there are kids in the family-especially if they have a swimming pool! Consider a cozy cabin getaway or tickets to an event! Be mindful that you can adjust settings for hotels or places to stay on any platform you are using to search. Another tip I have is to book through the direct website if you can.

I have endless ideas below:


Give the gift of knowledge by thinking of some fun activities or new things your special person can learn. Have they wanted to learn a new language? How to cook a certain meal? Make their own mug on a pottery wheel? These kind of ideas are the gifts that keep on giving.

  • Book an Arts and Crafts Class (Painting, Pottery, Crafts, Bath Bombs, etc)
  • Book a Fitness Class (Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Dance, Self-Defense)
  • Rock Climbing Class
  • Candle Pouring
  • Take a Cooking Class
  • Ropes course or sports activities day
  • Escape Room
  • Horseback riding
  • Learn a New Language with Rosetta Stone
  • Learn How to Play an Instrument
  • Gift card to favorite local coffee shop or restaurant
  • Photo shoot- support your local photographers!



If you have a loved one who loves travel, adventure and the great outdoors, consider giving them items that they can actually use on their adventures. The following list includes the top items needed when camping, hiking or traveling. I also have some specific product recommendations that have worked out great for my family and I. All items are hyperlinked for product recommendations.

Gifts any adventure or nature lovers would find useful. Click on each item below for more information.


Use planners, travel guides, journals for kids and scratch offs to plan your adventures.


Anything from vitamins, their favorite snack, candles or blankets are ALWAYS a good idea. I have had my Happy Earth blanket for 5 years now & it still looks like new- use my discount code THETRAVELINGWILDFLOWERR for 15% off your entire Happy Earth order.


Some of my favorite clothing brands are Natural Life, brands on Backcountry, REI, Free People, Duluth Trader, Eddie Bauer and Happy Earth Apparel- use code THETRAVELINGWILDFLOWERR for 15% off your entire order!



Visit JUSTSTRONG.COM and use JANJAN110 for a discount at check out!

Check it out: I have been using Just Strong’s new duffel bag when traveling. I like that I can wear it like a messenger back or carry it by the handles. Even the smaller outside pockets zip up too. You can use the discount code JANJAN110 at check out and get a discount at The Just Strong Clothing store.


If you like to scroll your phone, work on your laptop or watch tv, chances are A LOT! As a travel blogger, I know I certainly do my fair share of screen time. I wanted to offer some discounts from DIFF Eyewear– which has literally EVERY style of glasses you can think of- including Blue Light glasses! Mine have been helping with headaches-check out to see what they have here!


There are amazing subscription ideas for every person in your life. What I enjoy most about subscription boxes is they have the element of surprise- you never know exactly what you will get! It’s also fun to order boxes that highlight different cultures and countries. It’s a great way to “travel” without leaving your home. The following are box or app subscription ideas. Most subscription boxes you can cancel anytime- but I encourage you to read cancelation policies before signing up.



Goli vitamins has something for everyone. Whether you are stressed, an insomniac, need help with your beauty routine or need more greens in your diet, the gift of health is something we all need. Use the code Wildflower22 at checkout for 10% off your order.


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